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Reach & Wash

Our Reach and Wash System delivers 100% pure de-ionised water to windows, facades or signs. As the system is environmentally friendly no chemicals or detergents are used. We also purify our water at our own office.

reach and wash

Ladderless System

The ladder-less system allows us to clean difficult areas from the ground using an extendable carbon/glass fibre pole. The system is completely safe and HSE approved, as the operator’s feet do not leave the ground. The carbon/glass fibre poles used with the Reach and Wash system extend to 65 feet reducing the risk of injury and damage to the operator, public and building.

reach and wash

De-Ionised Water

The nature of de-ionised water is to strive and return to its natural state by actively absorbing all dirt, minerals, and chemicals it comes across. Providing the correct technique is applied whilst used for window cleaning the final rinse water dries to a perfect finish, leaving it not only clean but also sterile.

reach and wash

Cleaner for Longer

Windows cleaned using the Reach & Wash system stay cleaner for longer compared to the traditional method, which leaves behind sticky soap residue that attracts dirt back to the windows. We only use the Reach & Wash system for windows and signs over 6 metres. Some sites prohibit the use of a ladder, so the reach & wash system must be used.

reach and wash

High Access Window Cleaning in Carlisle Cumbria

Occasionally some windows on buildings can not be cleaned by ladders or the pole system and are impossible to access.

This may necessitate the use of hydraulic platform vehicles allowing access to windows, gutters, facades and signs. These machines can reach up to a maximum height of approximately 60 metres (9-15 floors), and are better known as cherry pickers. The machines are available to hire, and must only be operated by a competent person with an IPAF licence, which all our current employees hold.

Safety Harnesses

At Eric’s Cleaning Contractor Carlisle Cumbria we regularly use safety harnesses to access windows to other parts of buildings which may be unsafe for example; balconies, ledges and roofs.
Providing that the eyebolt fixings are in place and checked regularly , we are able to access and tackle the task in a safe controlled manner with no height restrictions.
All staff are fully trained in the use of safety harnesses. All harnesses are checked before every job and logged in files.

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Pure Water

Why pure water and how does it work?

Normal tap water contains minerals, deposits, calcium and other chemical pollution. We run the water through a process called reverse osmosis system, which is a filtration process that strips the water of every element, leaving it pure and clean up to 99.9%. The water then goes through a second stage called polish and finish, leaving the end result 100% laboratory grade water. Because of its purity nothing can deposit on the glass which eliminates the need for us to dry the glass. The windows are left to dry naturally for a spot free finish.