Factory Cleaning

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Factory Cleaning

All giant factories and warehouses,large and small industrial units and cold storage depots require cleaning. Whatever your location and facotry building, tall or low, we will be able to clean all or part of it as you require. All the latest cleaning technologies and techniques are employed to leave your site spotless Eric's Cleaning can provide the all-in-one solution to factory cleaning, either on one-off or on a contractual basis.

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Multiple Solutions

Many of of our clients require the cleaning of their factories or warehousing facilities in addition to their offices. Eric's Cleaning Contractorscan provide a variety of cleaning solution for all types of environments... This can range from canteen areas to factory floors and roof lights to storage tanks. All of our staff are trained to cope with any environment and with the emphasis placed on Health & Safety.

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Working with you

As every factory facility is different, Eric's Cleaning Contractors will work with you to understand your exact needs and then devise a cleaning regime to cover floors, work surfaces, ceilings and even equipment. We will create a plan that caters to your timing requirements, for instance cleaning work can be scheduled to run overnight, very early in the morning or over weekends.

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Working to your schedule

Many factories cannot afford downtime, factory cleaning regimes must be completed out of hours or in such a way so as not to affect production. Additionally, factories contain many hazards that require specially trained staff to adhere to safety protocols. Eric's Cleaning Contractors has years of experience in managing factory cleaning projects and so is an ideal partner for any manufacturing or production based companies seeking cleaning expertise.

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comprehensive factory cleaning service

As part of our comprehensive warehouse cleaning service we wash windows, stone, brick, concrete, paint, metal and wood. We also clean cladding, refurbish cladding and gutters, obliterate graffiti, shot blast floors and paving, install bird netting, renovate façades, get rid of dust and dirt, provide specialist silo and tank cleaning services and repaint.

Safety Is Paramount

Taking in to account factory cleaning can be very different and challenging to clean and understanding that strict protocols must be adhered to and site policies must be actioned. Eric's Cleaning Contractors takes all these variables in to consideration and develops a bespoke cleaning schedule and working policy to ensure our clients needs have been met and their expectations have been reached. Eric's Cleaning Contractors will always listen and understand our customers needs and work on a program that suits the requirements of our client.

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Factory Cleaning

Specialist work

Factory cleaning is a specialised type of clean, requiring an advanced clean using more complex chemicals and machinery than would be used in a general office clean. Warehouse, stores and stock areas need to be cleaned – with large areas cleaned mechanically with dust control battery sweepers. Factory production areas need to be swept clean and floors need scrubbing. Whatever the environment, our team can clean it. Our factory and warehouse cleaning services include:

  • High level cleaning
  • Floor maintenance
  • Steam cleaning
  • Machinery deep cleans
  • Preventative maintenance programmes
  • External fascias and fabrications